History - Lockwood Printing


C. A. Lockwood starts the Trade Printing Company, printing commercial projects such as blank books, loose leaf systems, office outfitting, and general office supplies.


The company name is changed to Lockwood-Hazel Printing and Stationery Company. The firm moves to the Masonic building as the first major tenant of the structure. The company maintains its operations here for 60 years.


The Lockwood Company, Inc. patents the now nationally-known automatic-locking county binder. Other innovative inventions and utilizations follow, such as, the Unit System, a method of recording assessments and taxation; the production of precinct pack election supplies for Kansas counties; computerized county tax services; and the art of pen ruling, a freehand method of calligraphy creating lines of various thickness for permanent record keeping - a skill that only few craftsmen have mastered and still practice.


The name changes one last time to The Lockwood Company, Inc. The company specializes in the production of loose leaf and bound records, elections supplies, tax rolls, assessment supplies, and other items used by county governments.


The Lockwood Company, Inc. moves to its current location on Pratt Road.


The Lockwood Company, Inc. purchases American Printing Inc. and American Business Forms in Leavenworth.


The Lockwood Company, Inc. purchases Kerns Printing in Weston. This acquisition, along with the acquisitions from 1987, enhance the company’s ability to specialize in business forms, snap-out and continuous computer forms, 2- and 4-color brochures and commercial printing.


The Lockwood Company, Inc., purchases a high-speed/high-volume Digital Imaging press and enters the Digital age of high-quality printing. The machine offers variable image printing, lower volume efficiencies, and quicker printing.

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